the workshop to experience connection on an authentic & pure level

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„Selbsterkenntnis ist der Anfang aller Weisheit.”




The Blind Touch was inspired by another workshop called Liquid Love but concentrates on a one on one matching experience instead.
The first time Romain was holding this connecting workshop was on a burn called Nowhere in 2019 and due to the amazing feedback and love he got there he ever since develops the content & flow to open this safe space for everyone.
Romain always thought that we often consume and judge (even unconsciously) too much with our eyes and break the chance to purely connect on an energy level. With this workshop he created a space where you can not only focus on the energy and on what you feel, at the same time you put yourself in the most vulnerable position, too, naked and blindfolded. This situation increases the senses so much, that you're almost forced to be fully in the present moment.
Since 2020 he offers his workshop in Berlin and soon maybe also in your city.


The Blind Touch women edition felt for me like the best space to dive into touch and connection without any fears or hestitations. i was already familiar with tantric spaces, but as a lesbian it was often too hetero for me and also i do feel a lot safer with soft touch that can be sensual but is not (in that space) sexual. i love the rules vani sets and thus provides a truely safe space! this fact and the atmosphere among the women, all feeling at ease, with these sparks of excitements was beautiful and made an experience of warmhearted connection on a physical, bodily level easy and possible.


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